Preparing baskets includes cutting and sewing fabric liners. Sewn on to each liner fabric is a handwritten comfort verse of scripture. 
We tape or tie a pre printed, card sized comfort scripture verse,to each item. We hand write a personalized note (on a donated card) to each basket recipient, as baskets are given out.
On our work days, we fully prepared a dozen baskets, complete and ready to send out. All excess items are tagged and stored with similar items in our class cabinet, ready to be used to fill baskets on our next 'tag and bag' day.  




















































It is our joy and very important for us to make sure each filler item has a scripture verse on it to send out.
Our intent is not to just give out a basket of 'things', but to send the comforting Word of The God of the universe!! God will bless us, as we attempt to bless others, glorifying Him!
In Isaiah 55:11, the Lord says: "My Word that goes forth from My Mouth will not return to Me empty but will accomplish and achieve the purpose for which I send it"
We know, believe, and are convinced what His Word says is true and look forward to what He will do as we send out The Words of comfort to those around us who are hurting!