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Revelation 3:1-6

 I.  Be Wakened (V.1)

 A.  They were Resting on their Past Reputation

B.  They Must Recognize their Present Reality (Judges 16:20; Rev         2:18; Heb 4:12)

II.  Be Watchful (V. 2-3)

 A.  Reinforce What Remains

B.  Remember Your Redemption

C.  Repent of Your Regression

III.  Be Warned (V. 3; Matt 24:42-44)

IV.  Be Worthy (V. 4-6;  Eph 4:1)

A.  You are Clothed by The Lord (V. 4-5a;  Rev 7:14;  Matt 22:10-14)

B.  You Are Congratulated by The Lord ( V. 4a;  Eph 5:26-27)

C.  You are a Companion of The Lord (4b; Eph 5:26-27)

D.  You are Confirmed by The Lord (V. 5b; Eph 1:13-14; Eph 4:30)

E.  You are Confessed by The Lord (V.5c)

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